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AMAKs experience in finding top class leaders who can drive organisational success in major corporations and startups is our strength. AMAK delivers Board and CEO services to a large number of industries whether they are beginners looking for a new leader or growing organisations who want to expand their Board or already an established name in the industry. Our experience in this function empowers us with insights that a successful top level hierarchy should posses and we provide the same knowledge base while supporting your organisation.


AMAK constantly tracks and follows key trends in the global market for talent. We strive to innovate our services and work in collaboration with educational and learning centers. Based on our data bank and detailed insight into all types of management positions we know where to find the right executive you need. We understand how things work in your world and are structured to ensure you benefit from everything we know. Management positions at all level are our forte and we assure you to give you the best.


AMAK financial consultants comprise of a team with deep knowledge of the industry across the world. We have access to the leading financial talent at all levels starting from executives to CFOs. We ensure to bring in the best candidates based on our personalised interaction with our clients to access their key requirements. We bring you the best in asset and investment management, consumer and commercial banking, pensioners, Investments, trading, wealth management and all requirements across the financial sector.


AMAKs presence in Gulf region and our experience of meeting all HR requirements of clients across Gulf and beyond gives us a leading edge in providing HR resources, whether you are searching HR leaders at corporate level or experts in employee development, training, performance improvement, safety etc. Our team gives you the experts in the entire spectrum of HR services.


Digital forces are challenging, changing and stimulating nearly every business sector. In response, companies are revamping the way they conduct business and redefining their talent needs. AMAK brings knowledge to the clients of the entire range of services in IT/Digital sector from hardware, software, IT services, Tele communication and all new media coming in vogue. Our long presence in this field brings a wealth of experience to share and support our clients.


As the ‘urgency to market’, cost effectiveness and global presence become competitive advantages, companies need people with the right attributes to take up the strategic role that supply chain and procurement has evolved to. AMAK has significant insight in full range of distribution, logistics, merchandising, procurement, supply chain management, operations management warehousing and quality assurance as we cover all levels of positions from junior roles all the way up to board level across the Middle East for industries dealing with the movement of goods.


The world of sales and marketing is more dynamic and challenging as it falls under the first impact of changing customer needs, consumer behavior and industry scenarios. They define, measure and enumerate the size of the market; driving profit potential and bringing in the business. AMAK helps bring agile professionals who are proactive, adaptive and ready to take on new opportunities, thereby, laying the foundation of a positive brand relationship.


AMAK since its inception is involved in providing leaders in operations management to administer best business practices in all type of fields to create the highest level of efficiency. With our insight in this specialist space, we provide the best team to convert Material, Labor and Energy into goods and services efficiently to maximize your profits.